About Us


AUKI - increase; fœrask í aukana - exert the utmost of one's strength (m)

Founded in 2021 in the midst of a global pandemic and a year that no one saw coming, we were presented with a perfect opportunity to bring AUKI to life.

Our goal is to provide you with the best equipment and apparel to allow you to go ALL IN on your next workout. With no restraints.

Having dates with the devil and selling your soul is what we are all about, you sign up, you go all in, you do it because others can’t or won’t, you do it to improve who you were yesterday, you do it for the feeling of accomplishment and you do it to reap the rewards of pushing yourself to your absolute limit.

If you haven't gone all in, why did you even start?

Our AUKI 'ALL IN' philosophy brings an uncomfortable feeling for some and accountability for others. Whether it be giving 100% to a relationship, a goal, a workout or your life, leave it all out on the floor and know you did your best and gave it your all. Let the mistakes and flaws rise and show you where can be improved. We are going to grow!

AUKI may have started small but best believe us when we say, we cannot wait until AUKI is worldwide. Get PUMPED, we’re going ALL IN.

Locally designed in Bulli.