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Verja Gymnastic Grip hand protection Crossfit GripVerja Gymnastic Crossfit Grips hand protection bar and ring grips
Verja Grips Sale price$114.00

"Experience Unparalleled Grip and Performance with Auki Grips Collection - Elevate Your Fitness Journey

Welcome to the world of Auki Grips, where performance meets innovation. Our collection of premium grips is designed to enhance your training, improve your grip strength, and take your workouts to new heights. Get ready to unlock your full potential and dominate every rep, every set, and every workout.


  • Unmatched Grip Strength
  • Enhanced Comfort and Protection 
  • Versatility for Any Workout
  • Durability for Long-lasting Performance

Take your training to the next level with Auki Grips Collection. Elevate your grip strength, enhance your performance, and surpass your goals. Don't settle for ordinary when you can experience extraordinary results. Upgrade to Auki Grips and embrace the power of superior grip technology."