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Article: Dominate Your Workouts With AUKI's Versatile 5mm Knee Sleeves!

Dominate Your Workouts With AUKI's Versatile 5mm Knee Sleeves!
Knee Sleeves

Dominate Your Workouts With AUKI's Versatile 5mm Knee Sleeves!

5mm knee sleeves

Dominate Your Workouts with Auki's Versatile 5mm Knee Sleeves!

Are you serious about your training? Don't overlook knee sleeves as a valuable addition to your gym bag! Whether you're a master's athlete or a fitness enthusiast, knee sleeves play a crucial role in protecting your knees and enhancing your performance during intense workouts.

In this blog post, we'll focus on AUKI's 5mm knee sleeves, perfect for functional training, running, cycling, and general gym usage. We'll explore the key benefits of wearing knee sleeves and why they are essential for anybody looking to improve their performance, enhance the longevity of their knees and prepare them for the session ahead. Plus, we'll uncover the key points of why you need 5mm knee sleeves, and why the 5mm variant might be the ideal choice for your training needs.


5 Reasons To Embrace Knee Sleeves

Are you committed to giving your all at the gym and pushing your workouts to the limits? If so, safeguarding your knees should be a top priority. Knees endure a lot of strain, and neglecting their protection could lead to discomfort in ankles, hips, and even cause back issues. Discover the five solid reasons why knee sleeves are a game-changer for your fitness journey:

1. Enhanced Joint Stability: Knee sleeves align and stabilise your knees during exercises like squats, deadlifts, pistols, and any movements involving knee flexion. This added support helps prevent injuries, allowing you to train harder and longer.

2. Improved Performance: Experience better proprioception with knee sleeves, enhancing your ability to sense your knee's position. This improved awareness contributes to better squat form and alignment, translating to more efficient lifts and the ability to handle heavier weights, ultimately setting new personal bests.

3. Preventative Measure:  Ensure your knees are warm and secure before heading into your class or onto the court. 5mm are great for all activities, we have a range of customers who use knee sleeves for badminton, lawn bowls, and tennis. 

4. Accelerated Recovery: By increasing blood flow to your knee joints, knee sleeves not only warm them up before exercising but also promote faster recovery by reducing pain and swelling. Enjoy a quicker rebound after intense sessions.

5. Confidence Boost: Nothing beats the assurance of knowing your knees are warm and well-protected during those crucial moments when you're going for those big lifts. Knee sleeves provide that extra layer of confidence, pushing you to achieve new heights in your training.

High Performing Knee Sleeves

Are All Knee Sleeves Created Equally?

In a word, no! At Auki, we have developed our knee sleeves with the athlete's movements in mind, setting them apart from the rest.

Auki knee sleeves are crafted using premium grade neoprene, ensuring quality and durability. Our design incorporates optimised compressive pressure distribution, providing unparalleled support during your intense workouts. The rigorously developed anatomical design guarantees a perfect fit, allowing you to move with confidence and freedom.

Choosing a knee sleeve should not be taken lightly. Opt for a high-quality pair like Auki's to maximize the benefits they offer. Our knee sleeves provide incredible compression, keeping your knees warm and protected while reducing the risk of injury. This support translates into enhanced performance, helping you reach your fitness goals faster and without pain.

How To Size Your Knee Sleeves

Determining the ideal size for your knee sleeves is crucial to ensure optimal support and comfort during your workouts.

Follow these simple steps to find the perfect fit:

1. Mark a point on your leg: Measure 10cm below the centre of your knee cap, aligning it with the top of your calf muscle.

2. Bend your leg slightly: Maintain an angle of approximately 30 degrees while measuring the circumference of your leg at the marked point.

Choosing the right size for your knee sleeves is essential to enhance their effectiveness. A well-fitted knee sleeve will provide the necessary support without restricting blood flow to your lower leg. With this guide, you can confidently select the ideal size, maximising the benefits of your Auki knee sleeves for improved performance and protection.

Auki Knee Sleeve Snatch
How to care for your knee sleeves

To ensure your knee sleeves provide optimal support and longevity, proper care is essential. Follow these valuable tips to keep them in top condition:

1. Air them out after use: Avoid leaving your knee sleeves trapped in your gym bag. Properly airing them out after each workout helps maintain their freshness and effectiveness.

2. Show some love: Like anything in life, the more care you give, the more you receive in return. Treat your knee sleeves with care and attention to make them last longer.

3. Invest in multiple pairs: If you're committed to daily training, consider having two pairs of knee sleeves. Rotating between them ensures they have enough time to dry and recover between workouts.

4. Hand wash with care: Hand wash your knee sleeves using cold water. This keeps them clean and free from unpleasant odors. Do not use harsh detergents on you knee sleeves as it will break down the neoprene.


Taking good care of your knee sleeves will enhance their performance and lifespan, providing you with consistent support during your intense workouts. For any further questions about knee sleeves, don't hesitate to reach out to our helpful team!

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