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Knee Sleeve Pink Auki

Knee Sleeves

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Gold Knee Sleeves Knee Support Overhead LungesCompetition Box Jump Over In Auki 7mm Knee Sleeves
7mm Knee Sleeves Sale price89.99
Snatch In Auki 5mm Knee Sleeves5mm Knee Sleeves
5mm Knee Sleeves Sale price79.99
9mm knee sleeve for lungesblack & white 9mm knee sleeve for strength
9mm Knee Sleeves Sale price99.99

If you want to maximise your performance the Auki Knee Sleeves are a must have. Built with 5 or 7mm neoprene our knee sleeves are a performance-enhancing detail that delivers outstanding results.

Our 5mm Knee Sleeves are best used for functional training sessions such as pistols, thrusters and lunges. Easy to slip on, these sleeves are designed to keep your knees supported in high-repetition workouts with the added protection where it counts.

The 7mm thickness offers extra support for those heavier lifts, helping to keep the knee compressed, warm and secured which minimises the risk of injury and aids performance.